Project Sophia Ltd

Project Sophia Ltd (PSL) is owned by Jeremy Deedes and is the
servicing company for the following brands and sites:

Living Money provides online and face-to-face coaching and educational services.
We specialise in working with entrepreneurial and professional families to master their lives and money.
Our mission is to bring life and money into harmony, slay the scarcity dragon
and build clients’ self worth and net worth.

Living Money operates two subsidiary websites. The Living Money Blog is a an entirely free site designed to lead the way to personal and financial freedom. The Living Money Membership Site is a private paid community site for members to explore these ideas in greater depth, discuss them with fellow members and support each other on their journeys to a fulfilled life.

Jeremy Deedes is passionate about building a movement for people wishing to lead
wholehearted, authentic and compassionate lives unencumbered by worries about money
by training and coaching families to determine where they are now,
develop a route map to a better life and master their money so they have
the courage, power and resources to live their dream without being a slave to money.

Young Living Money is a nascent project to help younger people with their lives and their money.

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